Here you will find the latest news regarding KlarPris along with industry related articles.

KlarPris buys the state-of-the-art calculation system EverCalc

The acquisition of EverCalc will help installers run an efficient and profitable business, as various business processes will be brought together in a single system. The goal is to free up time and resources in the industry by connecting the most value-creating systems that the installers use.

Ahlsell Ref: “The partnership will increase the exposure of our refrigeration products”

Increased digital exposure It’s becoming harder and harder to break through the noise of advertisements and be in front of the right customer at the exact moment he is ready to buy products. For that precise reason, Ahlsell Denmark’s refrigeration division (also known as Ahlsell Ref) has started a partnership with KlarPris.

E-Komplet and KlarPris simplify business processes for installers with new, strategic partnership!

E-Komplet and KlarPris have started a strategic partnership that will simplify and improve the installers’ business processes, as functions from KlarPris will be integrated into E-Komplet.

Alumeco: “The partnership can help simplify the customer’s purchasing process”

The desire for data Insight into customers’ purchasing habits and buying behavior is high on the wish list for most companies. However, it requires a huge amount of data, and a software to analyze and compile data in a user-friendly way.

Oras: “KlarPris was the obvious choice for us!”

Strategies build customer insights 2020 was the year of digitalization, both for installers, wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers. There has never been a greater desire and need to get insights into customers’ behavior, preferences and purchasing patterns, which is one of the reasons why Oras has chosen KlarPris as part of their marketing strategy going forward. […]

Thürmer Tools starts partnership with KlarPris!

Thürmer Tools is a 140-year-old company that, despite its advanced age, is deeply focused on always stocking and producing the very highest quality. Service is the core of their business – in fact, their mission is to have Europe’s best quality, the happiest customers, and retailers who love to shop with them.

Jens A. and KlarPris expands the partnership!

Jens A. is an experienced wholesaler with a full range of electrical products catering to the electrical installers and the professional market. The company is particularly strong in automation products, lighting and other equipment for the electrical installation industry.

Now you can buy products from VA-Gruppen A/S via KlarPris!

VA-Gruppen A/S is part of the Scanpipe Group, and therefore one of Denmark’s biggest wholesalers specializing in sewers, drains and water supply. The company also sells Scanpipe’s products.

Need an overview of what you have purchased this year? Then we have good news!

The year is slowly coming to an end, as is the annual status of material expenditure. For many, this equates to hours in the office where projects, invoices, credit notes, etc. must be reviewed and approved.

FM Mattsson Mora Damixa gets own shop in KlarPris

Damixa, FM Mattsson and Mora are the well-known brands that make up FM Mattsson Mora Group Denmark. The group is the Nordic region’s leading manufacturer of luminaires, and they sell, manufacture and develop faucets and thermostats of the highest quality.

Adelis buys KlarPris and puts a turbo on digitalizing the construction industry’ procurement

Adelis Equity Partners has bought the purchasing system KlarPris. The new ownership will take KlarPris to the next level, and enable the company to serve all players in the Danish construction industry to an even greater extent than before.

New: Direct Order gathers youtr entire purchasing process in KlarPris!

Now you don’t have to go to the wholesaler’s webshop to complete your order. With our new function “Direct Order” you can complete your order in KlarPris and instead of having to go to the wholesaler’s webshop.

Roth Denmark starts partnership with KlarPris!

Among other things, the partnership means that customers can find Roth’s products in an independent “shop” in KlarPris, where they can browse all the company’s products without being disturbed by other brands. The order will naturally still be sent to the wholesaler.

Ideal Standard/Børma starts partnership with KlarPris

Among other things, the partnership means that Ideal Standard & Børma will have their own “shop” in KlarPris, where customers can search among the company’s products without being distracted by other brands, but where the purchase itself is still sent to the customer’s wholesaler or supplier.

Wexøe experiences a 56% growth via KlarPris!

The power of big data and analyzing purchasing behavior Wexøe has been part of our partner program for the past 2 years and has experienced a steady increase in sales via KlarPris. As a partner, they receive data about customers’ purchasing behavior, which they can use to optimize sales. And they have done so successfully!

Hansgrohe is now on KlarPris!

Hansgrohe get their own shop/showroom on our purchasing portal Hansgrohe hardly needs an introduction. As one of the most prominent players in the sanitary industry, their products used and recognized worldwide, and they stand for high quality and a sharp design.

Want IT and AV equipment at wholesale prices?

Do you want to upgrade the (home)office or get a new iPhone? Our new IT and AV suppliers sell a wide range of IT and audiovisual equipment KlarPris which means that you can buy everything you need for the office, for your home or for your employees. And here is the best thing; You get […]

Introducing: Stock status of each product in your shopping cart!

This new feature enables you to check the real-time stock status of a product across all wholesalers. When you buy products, you simply add the products to your KlarPris shopping cart as per usual. Once you have added the product, an icon showing a house will appear. When you click on the icon

What has the Corona crisis taught us?

Trying something new “Social distancing” has become the word of 2020 and many people and businesses have had to change the way they live, operate and interact. In KlarPris, we have used the situation to try out some new things and in the following, we have listed our 3 best take-aways:

Buying products via KlarPris: Here’s what you need to know

When you buy products via the Danish and Swedish version of KlarPris, you have two options when placing an order. In the following, we will explain both options.

Online meetings are the new black!

We sat down with our customer Rasmus from Dalmose El-Service to hear how online meetings have been working for him. The Corona crisis has changed our everyday life but in the midst of all these changes, something positive has happened. We talked to our customer Rasmus because he has used online meetings for the past […]

Heat Supply starts selling spare parts via KlarPris

Heat Supply sells with spare parts for the leading brands Vaillant and Bosch. The company is known for its in-depth knowledge about spare parts, its high level of service, and of course the competitive prices.

Etman is now selling products via KlarPris

Products from Etman can now be purchased via the Swedish version of KlarPris! Etman Distribution AB offers quality products and their products that are carefully adapted to the requirements and needs of Swedish installers. The company is known for selling quality goods at very attractive prices.

Genvex is now selling products via KlarPris

Genvex specializes in ventilation and ventilation systems and has provided ventilation systems for more than 50 years. The company works with the newest technologies and with their quality and environmental certifications help to promote sustainable construction.

ALSO is now selling IT- and AV-equipment via KlarPris!

ALSO now sells equipment via KlarPris! ALSO sells IT- and AV-equipment from more than 500 manufacturers and is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of AV-equipment.

Convena Distribution is now selling via KlarPris

Convena Distribution is the biggest supplier of cables in the Nordic region, with more than 20,000 different cables in stock. They pack and deliver within 24 hours, and with 30 years of experience, they are experts in sockets/power panels, power and network cables.

WATTS Nordic starts partnership with KlarPris

The partnership will also include SOCLA – A WATTS Brand. WATTS Nordic is known for a large product range within heat and water installations. WATTS Industries Nordic markets underfloor heating, butterfly valves, counter and TBS valves, pipe systems and much more. is now selling products via KlarPris

Our Danish customers can now buy products from via KlarPris! offers a wide range of quality products at low prices. Their product range covers sewerage, drainage, wastewater treatment, rainwater management, drainage pipes, and various cast iron goods.

New shop-in-shop makes it easy to buy specific brandes via KlarPris

We have just launched a “shop-in-shop”, so you can filter and only see products from a specific manufacturer. This new shop-in-shop feature will especially benefit customers that prefer to buy a specific manufacturer’s products.

New Partner: Waterless Scandinavia (Denmark)

Products from Waterless Scandinavia well be branded on the Danish version of the marketplace! Waterless Scandinavia was the first company in Denmark to market anhydrous urinals.

New Partner: Imago Sonas (Denmark)

Now you can buy AV products from Imago Sonas via KlarPris! Imago Sonas sells a wide range of well-known AV brands, and the company is known for its uncompromising service, delivery capability and hands-on knowledge.

New Partner: Hudevad & Stelrad (Denmark & Sweden)

Products from Hudevad and Stelrad are now branded with logos in KlarPris! When you order products from the two brands via KlarPris, the order will of course still be placed with the wholesaler you choose to place it with.

New Partner: DCS (Denmark)

Now you can buy IT equipment from DCS via KlarPris! DCS is one of Denmark’s biggest privately-owned IT companies with more than 250,000 IT products at competitive prices. The company is known for its competitive prices, the strong product range and fast delivery.

New Partner: Simtra (Denmark)

Now you can buy home appliances from Simtra via KlarPris! Simtra was founded with a rebellious spirit and the ambition to offer high-quality home appliances at a low price. The company has a wide range of the most popular home appliances at very competitive price!

New Partner: Mads Madsen VVS Engros A/S (Denmark)

Mads Madsen VVS Engros A/S is a traditional wholesale company whose industry knowledge and service level are at full level with the large wholesale companies. The company has 16,000 item numbers in stock within plumbing, water, tools and clothing – and new products are added daily.

New Partner: Malmbergs (Denmark)

Products from Malmbergs can now be purchased via KlarPris! Malmbergs is a leading trading house in the Nordic electricity market with 32 stores. The company’s products are characterized by functionality, ease of use and quality at the right price, and include installation equipment, lighting, building flow, tools and work clothing.

The KlarPris shopping cart has a brand new feature! (Denmark and Sweden)

Now you can choose whether you want to buy all your materials at once, or only the materials that need to be  purchased from a specific supplier! Previously, you had to order everything at once, or wait to order your materials.

Want to optimize your bottom line? It’s easier than you think!

A lot of tasks, and a bottom line that does not reflect it. Your business is doing well. You keep getting new projects. In fact, you get so many requests that you can’t keep up and take on all of them.

New KlarPris Partner: YellowTec (Denmark and Sweden)

Now you can buy solar panels, solar bricks and solutions for sustainable energy via KlarPris. YellowTec is on a mission to improve the climate and promote sustainable energy. The company has many years of experience with alternative energy solutions, so you are guaranteed qualified and competent advice when buying YellowTec products.

New KlarPris Partner: Robota AB (Sweden)

Products from Robota AB can now be purchased directly via KlarPris! Robota AB offers quality products within heating, water and sewage. The company’s flexibility means that they offer customers both ready-made and tailor-made solutions.

New Partner: ReTherm Kruge (Sweden)

It is now possible to buy products from ReTherm Kruge via KlarPris! ReTherm Kruge AB is a specialist in pipe systems and offers smart solutions for heating, cooling, underfloor heating and tap water systems.

New Partner: Winther Engros (Denmark)

We have started a partnership with Winther Engros, which means that our Danish customers now can buy oil-, gas- and plumbing parts via KlarPris! Winther Engros has 20 years of experience within wholesale of oil, gas and plumbing parts, and is therefore specialized in everything related to fittings, parts and spare parts.

New Partner: Eniig Energi (Denmark)

The partnership will help Eniig Energi’s service partners with the optimization of their procurement, which will ultimately benefit Ennig Energi’s end customers.

New Partner: Unidrain (Denmark and Sweden)

Among other things, this partnership means that Unidrain’s products will be showcased with the company’s logo in KlarPris. Unidrain has moved from being a manufacturer of floor drains to a design icon when it comes to the modern bathroom.

GN Belysning and KlarPris has strengthened the partnership! (Denmark)

Now you can purchase more than 4000 items from GN Belysning via KlarPris. GN Belysning has sold products via KlarPris for a long time, but now they have chosen to strengthen the partnership and integrate their entire product range into KlarPris.

New Partner: bad und heizung concept AG (Germany)

bad und heizung concept AG and KlarPris has started a partnership, which means that the organization’s members have access to KlarPris.

New Partner: Viessmann A/S (Denmark)

It is now possible to buy products from Viessmann A/S via KlarPris. Viessmann A/S is a global leader within heating solutions for homes, business as well as for industrial use.

We are expanding the team! Please welcome Kim Fuglsang and Ole Have Büchert

Kim and Ole will manage the daily contact with KlarPris’ customers and will be responsible for Jutland and Zealand / Funen respectively. The team is expanding due to an expansion of KlarPris’ ever-growing product range.

New Partner: G.K.M. (Denmark)

G.K.M. will start selling its entire product range via KlarPris! G.K.M. (Grov-, Kleinsmedes and Maskinbyggeres Aktieselskab) is a nationwide wholesale company selling steel, tools, plumbing, technical articles and agricultural machinery, as well as spare parts and accessories.

New Partner: Pressalit A/S (Denmark and Sweden)

Going forward, Pressalit’s products will be branded in KlarPris, making it easy for customers to spot the quality products from Pressalit. Pressalit has designed and produced toilet seats of the highest quality since 1954, and today the company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium solutions for the bathroom.

New Partner: Fyns Hvidevare Levering (Denmark)

We are proud to announce the partnership with Fyns Hvidevare Levering. This partnership means that we are one step closer at embracing the entire building industry and making it easy and straightforward for the industry to sell and buy products.

KlarPris continues the growth journey: Includes AV and IT equipment on the webshop (Denmark)

KlarPris expands its product range on the Danish version to include AV and IT equipment. This allows installers to gather even more of their purchases on one platform.

New Partner: GROHE (Denmark)

GROHE and KlarPris have started a collaboration, meaning that all GROHE’s products will be shown with the GROHE logo on KlarPris!

New Partner: Wieland Electric (Denmark and Sweden)

Wieland Electric will get their logo on their products in KlarPris, making them even easier to find!

New feature: Category System!

Please welcome the smartest, fastest and most manageable category system on the market! The new category system in KlarPris’ danish version works just like the category systems you know from your wholesalers and suppliers. It’s just faster, smarter and shows pictures all the way through.

New Partner: Strømberg (Denmark)

Strømberg designs and produces stylish bathroom products targeted to the Nordic market – and now you can buy them in KlarPris!

New feature: Experience KlarPris’ new data insight tools! (Denmark)

“This is really smart, I use it every day! Anyone who wants to improve their procurement process need to use this tool!”- Lasse Houengaard, Proprietor of Finn L. & Davidsen A/S.

New Partner: METRO THERM (Denmark)

METRO THERM’s products will now be extra visible on KlarPris! METRO THERM covers everything within hot water tanks, air/water and geothermal heat pumps, pellet boiler and district heating.

New KlarPris Partner: Villeroy & Boch Danmark A/S (Denmark)

Products from Villeroy & Boch Danmark A/S will now be displayed with the company’s logo! Villeroy & Boch Danmark A/S is one of Denmark’s leading suppliers of total solutions for the bathroom with standard, medium and luxury products.

New KlarPris Partner: Wiha Nordic (Denmark and Sweden)

The collaboration means that customers will be able to find and purchase Wiha’s tools on KlarPris! Wiha offers a comprehensive range of premium quality tools, manufactured in a state-of-the-art production process, characterized by a user-oriented innovation policy, superior ergonomics, safety and longevity.

New feature: Scanner integration

Now you can scan items from the warehouse to directly KlarPris – Simple, easy and fast! With the scanner integration, you can scan barcodes and get the product directly into KlarPris.

New Partner: LAUFEN (Denmark)

LAUFEN’s products will now be displayed with the company logo, making them easy to spot! LAUFEN was founded in 1892 in Switzerland and has been part of the Roca Group since 1999. Together, they make up the world’s largest manufacturer of sanitary ceramics.

New Partner: Hilti Denmark (Denmark)

KlarPris and Hilti have started a partnership which means that Hilti’s most popular power and battery tools can be purchased on KlarPris! Hilti is a world leader in the development and manufacture of high-quality products and services that add value to the professional construction industry.

New Partner: Niko (Denmark)

Products from Niko will be branded with the company’s logo, making them easy to spot! For more than 60 years, Niko has been known as the supplier of the market’s most durable products for intelligent light control – previously known as Servodan.

New Partner: ESYLUX (Denmark)

The partnership means that products from ESYLUX will be easier to find on KlarPris. ESYLUX develops and manufactures intelligent automation and lighting solutions that create life quality and energy efficiency.

New Partner: Dansani (Denmark)

Dansani’s products are now displayed with the company logo, so they are visible and easy to spot! Dansani is a producer with a mission to make it easy to decorate bathrooms with beautiful, thoughtful and functional solutions.

New Partner: Ecofoss (Denmark)

Ecofoss’ products will be available on KlarPris, which means that customers get even better opportunities to optimize their purchases! Ecofoss is an import & wholesale company within LED lighting.

New Partner: HS Tarm (Denmark)

Products from HS Tarm will be branded with logo going forward! Among others, HS Tarm produces and sells the well-known brand Baxi. The company’s product range includes heat pumps, boilers for gas, oil and biofuel, as well as storage tanks, buffer tanks and hot water tanks.

New Partner: Pettinaroli (Denmark)

Pettinaroli’s products will now be branded and thus easy to find on KlarPris! The company is among the world’s leading suppliers of individual components, complete systems and comfort solutions for the plumbing industry.

New Partner: Wexøe (Denmark)

The partnership between KlarPris and Wexøe means that the distributor’s products will be branded with logo!

KlarPris hires new Head of Software Development

As of today, Morten Kristensen is the new Head of Software Development. Former Head of Software Development will continue as CTO with global responsibility of KlarPris’ overall technical development.

New features to optimize your purchase

The new feature will launch start December 2018. Below, you can get more information about each of the new features. 

Looking towards the future: Lemvig-Müller and KlarPris formalize their partnership (Denmark)

Lemvigh-Müller is the first partner in KlarPris’ new official Partner Program. Among others, this means that the company’s campaigns and promotional offers will be available for purchase via KlarPris.

New Partner: Engroslys (Denmark)

EngrosLys will start selling their products via KlarPris! We are pleased to announce that EngrosLys has become part of KlarPris Partner Program. Among other things, this means that all EngrosLys’ products will be available for purchase on KlarPris.

KlarPris expands and moves to bigger office in Copenhagen

A few months ago we launched the new and improved KlarPris in Denmark: The webshop 4.0. Since then things have been going forward at a rapid pace – among others, we have expanded our headcount by 50%.

The new KlarPris is here!

  We have spent the last few months improving KlarPris, and it is with great pride that we can announce that the new and improved version is ready for use on the Danish market.