All wholesalers in one system
Avoid visiting multiple webshops every time you buy materials. Our system has gathered all your wholesalers in one place.
Instantly calculated prices
No need for manual calculations anymore! Our system shows you your actual prices so you can see where to place the order.
Business Intelligence
One thing is finding the best price for your product. Another thing is optimizing your entire business. We can help you with that!
Get a competitive advantage with KlarPris!

With KlarPris, you can see just how much a product will actually cost depending on where you buy it. This means that you are guaranteed to always make the best purchase, thus optimizing your business and providing competitive offers for your customers.


Highlighted marketplace features

Overview of products and prices

You no longer have to spend time calculating and writing down prices in order to find out where you should place your order. Based on the wholesalers’ list prices and your discount agreements, the system will be able to calculate everything for you!

Once your discount agreements have been uploaded, you are good to go! Start searching for the products you need, or simply upload a spreadsheet with the product information and the system will do the rest. It will always take promotional offers and changes in list prices into account, making sure that you always see the correct price.

List of Favorites

Do you buy the same products over and over again for various jobs? Most people do which is why List of Favorites is.. well, a favorite!

Instead of searching for the same products every time you need them for a new job, you can simply save them on a list. Next time you need the products, you simply find the list and transfer the products to the baskett. The system will show you where you get the best price for each product and with one click you can finish the order.


Related Products

Sometimes we forget an item or two while in the store. Therefore, the system will generate a list of related products once you have added a specific product to the basket.

An example of this is when you add a toilet seat. The system will then show you all the components you need to install a toilet, making sure that you don’t forget anything – hence, no delays when doing the job!

Business Intelligence

Now this is a gamechanger! With our Business Intelligence, you get a unique insight into your company’s buying behavior and how it affects your profit.

You can see what has been purchased, how it has been purchased (online or in-store), how it has been delivered and most importantly: How all of this affects your profit and what you can do to optimize it.