About KlarPris

The Founders

KlarPris was founded in 2013 by Jens Davidsen and Morten Riber Paarup. Each of them has vast experience in the building industry as an entrepreneur and as a software developer, respectfully. After more than a decade in the industry, they decided to join forces and create a unique, online marketplace with the objective of making trade easy, efficient and transparent for all parties in the building industry.

The Company

The company started by focusing on plumbers in Denmark, but quickly expanded to electricians due to market demand. In a strategic move, KlarPris and Ordrestyring.dk joined forces in 2015, creating a partnership that made KlarPris the preferred procurement tool for the Danish building industry. Thereafter, KlarPris entered the Swedish market with a partnership with Comfort, the biggest procurement chain for installers in Sweden. The following year, KlarPris expanded again by entering the German market.

The Purchasing System

The purchasing system is used by more than 2000 companies daily. Moreover, since starting in 2013, the system has increased the purchasing volume by 100% year by year, showcasing its power and usability for both installers, wholesalers and manufacturers alike.

Meet our employees

Flemming Nielsen
Jens Davidsen
Founder & Group CEO
Krister Nilsson
Business Analyst & Swedish Support
Kurt Andersson
Key Account Manager, Sweden
Lars Ljunggren
Key Account Manager, Denmark
Mark Boelskifte Skouenborg
Martin Kalbfleisch
CEO, Germany & Austria
Morten Asp Andersen
Data Quality Manager
Morten Riber
Founder & CTO
Peter Schlanbusch
Customer Success Manager, Denmark
René Graugaard
Key Account Manager
Sej Sander Thorsen
Product Owner, KlarCalc
Simon Uldall
Head of Sales, Denmark
Staffan Nilsson
Key Account Manager, Sweden
Tilde Davidsen
Developer, Intern
Tim Westergaard Krupsdahl
Project Manager
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