KlarPris' Private Policy

Last updated: June 22nd 2018


The following is KlarPris’ Private Policy, and thus describes the actions taken, and processed carried out to protect the information you provide us, both when browsing our website and using our software, hereafter called “the Marketplace”.


This Private Policy contains the following sections:

  1. What does this Privacy Policy cover?
  2. What kind of information does KlarPris collect?
  3. What about cookies?
  4. How is KlarPris using the information collected?
  5. Will KlarPris share my information with others?
  6. How will KlarPris manage and store my information?
  7. How long is KlarPris storing my information?
  8. Conditions of Use, Notices, and Revisions
  9. Who should I contact if I have questions or problems?


1. What does this Private Policy cover?

This Policy concerns the protection of your information and describes how KlarPris use your information. The following areas are subject to our Private Policy:

  1. KlarPris’ websites
  2. The Marketplace
  3. KlarPris’ marketing-related processes


2. What kind of information does KlarPris collect?

The information we collect about customers helps us personalize and improve our product and our websites. Below you will find an overview of the kind of information we collect:

  1. Information you give us: We collect and store the information you provide us when you are browsing our website or using the Marketplace. This can be contact information you give us when booking a demo or the information you provide under “User Account”. Among other, this information is used to provide support.
  2. Automatic information: Certain types of information is automatically passed on to us when you browse our website, e.g. via cookies. As an example, cookies will tell us what kind of unit and browser you are using to browse our website. This information will always be anonymized, meaning that we cannot use this data to identify you.
  3. Newsletters: We use web beacons to make our newsletters relevant and valuable to you. A web beacon is a small piece of code that tells us whether you have received, opened and perhaps clicked a link in our newsletter.
  4. Information from Business Partners: We might receive information from our Business Partners if their customers want to have an account set up.


3. What about Cookies?

Cookies are unique identifiers that your web browser will save when you visit a website, enabling the website to recognize you next time you visit it. The Help feature in most browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie and how to disable cookies altogether. However, we recommend that you leave the cookies on as they allow you to take full advantage of our websites and the Marketplace. Read our cookie policy here.


4. How is KlarPris using the information collected?

KlarPris use the information collected for the following purposes:

  1. To fulfill a contract or take an action related to a contract (this will typically be related to you creating a user and accepting our Terms of Use)
  2. To confirm your identity
  3. To send invoices
  4. To send out necessary information (e.g. regarding your subscription) and newsletters
  5. To offer support


5. Is KlarPris sharing my information?


Sharing data with data processors (subcontractors) and data responsible (Business Partners)

  1. Subcontractors: We use subcontractors to carry out business processes on our behalf. Examples of this can be sending out newsletters and present data. Subcontractors only have access to the data needed in order to carry out the business processes we have hired them to do. Moreover, our subcontractors are subject to data processing agreements to ensure that they treat data with the utmost care and respect.
  2. Business Partners: Business Partners will oftentimes be wholesalers and manufacturers that sell products on the marketplace. We will share your information with these if you want to set up an account with one of the wholesalers or manufacturers. This means that we will never share your information with Business Partners unless we have your consent.

Your consent: You will always receive a consent form if we wish to use your data in any other way than described above, or as described in our terms and conditions. Furthermore, we will of course not use your data in any other way than what described if we do not get your consent.


6. How will KlarPris manage and store my information?


Is my information safe?

Safeguarding your information is very important to us. Therefore, we have taken both administrative, technical and physical measures to keep your information safe.


Where does KlarPris store my information?

Your information is stored on KlarPris servers, on the servers of the companies we have hired to carry out business processes on our behalf, and on the servers of the Business Partners you have requested to have an account with.


Wil KlarPris transfer my data to other countries?

We may transfer your personal information across national borders to other countries in accordance with applicable laws.


What rights do I have regarding my information, and how can I make use of these rights?

In accordance with the law, you have the rights to ask for a copy of your information, to edit the information, to have us delete the information or limit the use of the information. You also have the rights to have your information delivered in a structured and readable manner.

In addition, you may object to the processing of your personal information under certain circumstances (especially in circumstances where we do not need to process the information to fulfill the agreement we have made with you, or if we use your information to marketing related purposes).

Please notice that your rights might be limited if your request will reveal information about other people, or if you ask us to delete information that we, according to the law, have to store for a set period of time (e.g. for fraud prevention).

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact us using the information stated at the end of this Private Policy. In addition, in your KlarPris User Account, you can edit your personal information by going to “Users” and choose your “User Account”.

If you have any unresolved issues, you have the right to report them to the EU or another data protection authority where you live, work, or where you believe there may have been a potential violation.


Withdrawal of consent/objection to direct marketing

You have the right to opt out of direct marketing, or the profiling that we conduct for direct marketing, at any point. You can do this by clicking on the opt-out link at the bottom of our newsletters or by contacting us using the information provided at the end of this policy.


7. How long is KlarPris storing my information?

For as long as you are an active user of the Marketplace, we will process and store the information you provided when signing up to become a user. 90 days after you close your account, we will delete certain personal information that we no longer have a business-related reason to keep, as an example. your password and your payment account information. However, we will typically store information related to our contract and business transactions with you for up till 5 years after your last interaction with us.

We process information for marketing purposes until you ask us to stop, and for a short period of time hereafter (to allow us to complete your requests). Furthermore, we will maintain a permanent record stating that you have requested not to receive direct marketing so we can respect your request in the future.


8. Conditions of Use, Notices, and Revisions

If you choose to visit our websites and/or use the Marketplace, your visit and any privacy dispute are governed by this policy, our terms of use and the Danish law. Our business is continuously changing, as so does our privacy policy and terms of use. Therefore, you should check our website regularly to see the latest changes. Unless otherwise stated, our current privacy policy applies to all information we have about you and your account.


9. Who should I contact if I have questions or problems?

If you have questions or concerns regarding privacy, please contact our data protection officer at jens@klarpris.dk