Lemvigh-Müller, Denmark
“LM has been among the leading B2B e-commerce companies in Denmark for many years. We have partnered with KlarPris because many of our customers use the portal, and we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to purchase our products. Our wish is to become more visible and accessible”
Hilti, Sweden
"It is our hope that the cooperation with KlarPris will simplify the administration and save time for Comfort members and other installers who are connected to the purchasing portal"
Ecofoss, Denmark
“We have a lot of innovative products, and we need communicate this to the industry and the installers. Therefore, we have chosen to enter into an agreement with KlarPris. This partnership will make our products visible and show them as viable alternatives to similar products from well-known brands"

Product Highlight

List of Alternatives

With the list of alternative products, you can match your own products with the most purchased products on KlarPris. Once your product has been matched with a popular product, it will come up as an alternative when a customer searches for the popular product. This will increase your visibility.

Lead Generation

The Partner Program gives you access to more than 2000 installation companies. But that not all – we will actively help you get new leads among our customers. And with an increasing number of customers signing up to KlarPris every month, this lead generation made easy!

Business Intelligence

Every month, you will receive a detailed overview of your performance on KlarPris. The overview includes information about your market share, market development and the customers’ purchasing patterns in relation to your product categories.

In the light of globalization and digitalization, nothing is more important than being present where your customers are.

KlarPris gives you access to more than 2000 installers that buy products every day, making it a powerful sales platform.

We are always happy to from potential new parnter, so if you are interested in selling your products via KlarPris, please contact our Head of Sales, Simon Uldall.

Simon Uldall
Head of Sales
Interested in selling your products via KlarPris?
Contact Simon Uldall for more information.
Contact Simon Uldall