What has the Corona crisis taught us?


Trying something new

“Social distancing” has become the word of 2020 and many people and businesses have had to change the way they live, operate and interact. In KlarPris, we have used the situation to try out some new things and in the following, we have listed our 3 best take-aways:


1. Online meetings in the morning

We’ve been having an online meeting every morning via Microsoft Teams. The meeting only takes 20 minutes, starting with management telling about the status of our KPIs and what is happening in the company. All employees then have the opportunity to tell what they are up to task-wise and how they are doing.

Why does it work? The morning meeting creates a sense of community which is necessary when everyone is working from home. The morning meetings also strengthen people’s connection with KlarPris because they hear what colleagues are working on and how they are doing. And just the simplest thing as actually seeing them via a webcam makes a huge difference. And last but not least, it creates security when the management tells what is going on each morning.


2. Online meetings with customers

Customer meetings are an essential part of our work. That’s why we tested online customer meetings during the Corona crisis, and it’s been a huge success.

Why does it work? The online meetings are a good alternative to the physical meetings because we can both see and hear the customers. And it’s both easy and convenient for both parties because with screen sharing we can go through the same things we do at physical meetings. Our customers love it and we love it, so online meetings are the new black for us.


3. Friday bar and social action

Every Friday afternoon we have an online Friday bar via Microsoft Teams. Employees take turns creating an online quiz via Kahoot which creates some fun competition in the company.

Why does it work? Everyone needs some fun in their everyday life when they are “stuck” at home. The Friday bar gives the team the opportunity to talk about everything and nothing over a homemade drink. And a homemade quiz always creates fun and laughter (especially if it has some crazy or weird theme).


Here’s how to get the most out of the Corona crisis

As you can see/read, we have used the Corona crisis to test new processes and technologies, and we have been pleasantly surprised at how well it has worked. And we can help you do the same!

KlarPris can help you with everything from calculating your net prices, to getting insights into your trade across suppliers. In other words: KlarPris is the smart choice if you want to optimize your business.