Ahlsell Ref: “The partnership will increase the exposure of our refrigeration products”


Increased digital exposure

It’s becoming harder and harder to break through the noise of advertisements and be in front of the right customer at the exact moment he is ready to buy products. For that precise reason, Ahlsell Denmark’s refrigeration division (also known as Ahlsell Ref) has started a partnership with KlarPris. The partnership will increase the refrigeration products’ digital exposure, and ensure that the products are shown to the installer at the moment of purchase.

More than 2200 installation companies buy products via KlarPris and in future Ahlsell Ref will become visible to all these installers when they are actively searching for products to buy.


“We are pleased with the partnership because it increases our digital exposure, and shows our products to a technically well-founded customer segment. Customers can now buy our refrigeration products via KlarPris, so naturally we expect an increase in orders, and more happy customers ” – Henrik Lohse, Division Director, Ahlsell Denmark.


About Ahlsell Ref

Ahlsell Ref is known for its wide range of refrigeration and climate products, and for the great match between price and quality. Ahlsell Ref is part of the Ahlsell Group, which is the Nordic region’s leading wholesaler of products and solutions concerning water and sewage, heating and sanitation, electricity, cooling and tools.


About KlarPris A/S

KlarPris is a complete and data-driven purchasing system that supports, develops and digitalize the professional installer’s business. The system provides a unique insight into the company purchasing behavior and procurement across wholesalers, which can be used to develop purchasing and branding strategies, streamline procurement, manage projects and much more!

In other words, KlarPris is a purchasing system for the installer that put great emphasis on data-driven purchasing where objectivity, transparency and professionalism are key factors.