New Partner: Imago Sonas (Denmark)


Now you can buy AV products from Imago Sonas via KlarPris!

Imago Sonas sells a wide range of well-known AV brands, and the company is known for its uncompromising service, delivery capability and hands-on knowledge.

The company has among others delivered solutions to Copenhagen Airport and Mosegaard Museum and sells the following brands: Atlona, Origin Acoustics, Chief, Projecta, SCP, Sharp Pro Display and Vivitek. Read more about Imago Sonas here.


“We are pleased that KlarPris has started to show AV products on their marketplace and so it was an easy decision to start a partnership with them. Their marketplace is a powerful tool – both for our current customers, but also because we are seeing an increased interest in the products we offer by the electricians that use KlarPris. ”- Mads Nørskov, Sales Director, Imago Sonas.


About KlarPris Partner Program

The partner program is for wholesalers, direct suppliers and manufacturers, and offers a number of advantages when selling and promoting products on KlarPris. All partners have the opportunity to choose from a number of services, thereby tailoring a value-creating program for themselves. You can read more about the program for wholesalers and direct suppliers here, and for manufacturers here.