New feature: Experience KlarPris’ new data insight tools! (Denmark)


“This is really smart, I use it every day! Anyone who wants to improve their procurement process need to use this tool!”- Lasse Houengaard, Proprietor of Finn L. & Davidsen A/S.


The new data insight tool is easy to understand, use, and best of all:
Shows you how to make more money!

With KlarPris’ new data insight tool you can see how your business is conducting its procurement and what the consequence and cost of this behavior is. As an example, you can see how much money you miss out on when an employee drives down to the nearest wholesaler and buy materials, and how much your company saves when the employees buy the materials online.

You can see everything at a user/employee level. Thus, it is easier to make changes where it is needed and reward the skilled employees who act sensibly when buying materials.