E-Komplet and KlarPris simplify business processes for installers with new, strategic partnership!


E-Komplet and KlarPris have started a strategic partnership that will simplify and improve the installers’ business processes, as functions from KlarPris will be integrated into E-Komplet.

E-Komplet delivers an industry-specific software solution, mainly for medium- and large-sized installation companies that focus on streamlining processes and optimizing workflows across departments. The partnership between the two companies will make business operations easier and more efficient for the installers.

“Our customers are busy people, so it is important for us to create value and be part of their journey. And something that really makes a difference in their everyday lives is when we can simplify their business processes. That is why this partnership makes very good sense! ” – Michael Madsbøll. Sales and Business Manager at E-Komplet.

In addition to simplifying the processes, the partnership also gives customers access to KlarPris’ Business Intelligence tool, which gives them insight into their purchasing across wholesalers.

Several large installation companies are already using the tool and Jens Davidsen, CEO at KlarPris, is pleased that even more installers will gain insight into their trading data across wholesalers due to the partnership.

“More and more installers are demanding a data-driven and professional purchasing strategy, and that is something we can help them with. E-Komplet shares our vision, and therefore this partnership makes very good sense”- Jens Davidsen, CEO at KlarPris.


About E-Komplet

E-Komplet is the complete software solution that helps craftsmen in their everyday life, enabling them to focus on what they are passionate about – namely their craft. The software has been developed in collaboration with the industry and includes case management, finances, consumption, quality assurance and much more.

E-Komplet brings together the entire business in one software, which results in more time and a better everyday life. Read more about E-Komplet here.


About KlarPris A/S

KlarPris is a complete and data-driven purchasing system that supports, develops and digitalize the professional installer’s business. The system provides a unique insight into the company purchasing behavior and procurement across wholesalers, which can be used to develop purchasing and branding strategies, streamline procurement, manage projects and much more!

In other words, KlarPris is a purchasing system for the installer that put great emphasis on data-driven purchasing where objectivity, transparency and professionalism are key factors.