Oras: “KlarPris was the obvious choice for us!”


Strategies build customer insights

2020 was the year of digitalization, both for installers, wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers. There has never been a greater desire and need to get insights into customers’ behavior, preferences and purchasing patterns, which is one of the reasons why Oras has chosen KlarPris as part of their marketing strategy going forward.


Business Intelligence and own shop

As part of the partnership, Oras will get insights into installers’ purchasing behavior* so that they can optimize their marketing activities. This means that in the future they will gain insights into which of their products is bought by the installers, whether there is a difference between what is bought geographically and how their market shares develop.

In addition to customer insight, Oras will have its own shop in KlarPris. This means that installers can choose only to see Oras’ products when they browse through categories and search for items. Once the customer has found the Oras products he/she wants, the order will be sent to the wholesaler as per usual.

* All data is anonymized and complies with all applicable GDPR rules.


“We have been following KlarPris with interest for a long time, and after we were presented with the system’s structure and benefits, the decision to join was obvious to us. We look forward to getting started, getting the system “under the skin” and seeing the value.” – Kim Klejnstrup Olesen, Country Manager, Oras Armatur A/S.


About Oras

Oras makes life better by offering smart solutions that make the use of water easy and sustainable. The company’s products are timeless, both in terms of form and functionality, and they are designed to handle everything that happens in the customer’s life. The products are responsibly made from the finest, most durable materials, and they are truly fit for life. So if your customers appreciate getting something extra, and focus on creating a sustainable future, then Oras’ products are definitely for you!