Want to optimize your bottom line? It’s easier than you think!


A lot of tasks, and a bottom line that does not reflect it.

Your business is doing well. You keep getting new projects. In fact, you get so many requests that you can’t keep up and take on all of them. However, your bottom line does not reflect the huge number of projects you are doing. Sound familiar?


How to increase revenue?

This is the reality for many installers. Therefore, KlarPris is ready with a new service that focuses on optimizing your procurement and the behavior that evolves around procurement: Now, you can book a KlarPris consultant that will help you optimize your procurement process.


How do that work?

Our consultants will tailor the consultancy package you choose so it fits your business. You can choose between 3 different consulting packages.


  1. Teaching: If you are just starting our with KlarPris, the teaching package is a great way to get started! Our consultant will come out and teach you and the team about KlarPris, and how to get the most out of the webshop in terms of optimizing your procurement.
  2. Process and optimization: If you would like to take your procurement to the next level, the process and optimization package is perfect! We will do a deep dive into your data and look at where you can optimize your procurement.
  3. Maintenance: If you are busy at work and don’t have time to upload procurement agreements and similar to KlarPris, our consultant will come our every 6. months and make sure that your KlarPris is up to date.


Get more information and get to know our consultants:

Are you ready to take your procurement to the next step? You can read more about the consultancy packages below, and learn more about our two consultants.


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