KlarPris buys the state-of-the-art calculation system EverCalc


The acquisition of EverCalc will help installers run an efficient and profitable business, as various business processes will be brought together in a single system. The goal is to free up time and resources in the industry by connecting the most value-creating systems that the installers use.

KlarPris was bought by Adelis Equity Partners 5 months ago. Now the trailblazing company at the other side of the table with the acquisition of EverCalc, a calculation system that helps installers streamline processes and save time in the non-billable process when bidding on projects.


“We are extremely happy to be a part of KlarPris. Both companies are working on digitalizing the installation industry and make the installers’ business processes as easy as possible. The symbiosis between the products is incredibly value-creating so it’s an incredibly exciting proces we are starting together! ” – says Tim Westergaard Krupsdahl, founder of EverCalc.


An easier everyday life for the installer

The acquisition of EverCalc is just the latest in a series of major news from KlarPris. Since the company was acquired by Adelis, it has strengthened the bond with current integration partners across Scandinavia and entered into new partnerships. EverCalc will of course be integrated into all systems in which KlarPris is integrated so installers can connect administration, material procurement and bidding.


“We are really happy to have EverCalc as part of the family. They have developed a very impressive calculation system that we look forward to offering our customers! This is another step in the direction of gathering the installers’ business processes in one place so they get the full overview of their business, and have more time for the value-creating tasks. ” – says Jens Davidsen, CEO of KlarPris A/S.


About KlarPris

KlarPris is a complete and data-driven purchasing system that supports, develops and digitizes the professional installer’s business. The system provides a unique insight into a company’s behavior and procurement pattern across wholesalers, which can be used to develop purchasing and branding strategies, streamline procurement and projects and much more.

In other words, KlarPris is a purchasing system for installers who place a high value on data-driven purchasing, where objectivity, transparency and professionalism are the most important factors.


About EverCalc

EverCalc is the market’s fastest, easiest and most user-friendly calculation program for installers. The system helps the installers streamline their bidding process by saving them time in the non-billable process, as well as providing a graphical and user-friendly overview of costs.

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