GN Belysning and KlarPris has strengthened the partnership! (Denmark)


Now you can purchase more than 4000 items from GN Belysning via KlarPris.

GN Belysning has sold products via KlarPris for a long time, but now they have chosen to strengthen the partnership and integrate their entire product range into KlarPris. This means that KlarPris customers get an easy overview of GN Belysning’s more than 4,000 products when they shop via KlarPris.

Because of the large selection of quality products and good prices, GN Belysning is a supplier that everyone should use if they buy lighting products! You can read more about GN Belysning here.


“GN Belysning is very pleased to be part of the Partner Program. We want to be where our customers are, and at the same time, we can keep track of what products our customers demand. This makes it easier to develop new products ”- Jørn Falck, Director and owner of GN Belysning A/S.


About KlarPris Partner Program

The partner program is for wholesalers, direct suppliers and manufacturers, and offers a number of advantages when selling and promoting products on KlarPris. All partners have the opportunity to choose from a number of services, thereby tailoring a value-creating program for themselves. You can read more about the program for wholesalers and direct suppliers here, and for manufacturers here.