New Partner: Viessmann A/S (Denmark)


It is now possible to buy products from Viessmann A/S via KlarPris.

Viessmann A/S is a global leader within heating solutions for homes, business as well as for industrial use. With an extensive and extremely high-quality product range, especially within gas boilers, all types of heat pumps and hot water containers, Viessmann A/S is the preferred choice for energy-efficient solutions. Read more about Viessmann A/S here.


“Viessmann A/S is very committed to helping our customers. Therefore, we are pleased that most of our quality products are now at KlarPris. Among other products, the new Viessmann A+ /A ++ energy-labeled air/air heat pump can now be purchased via KlarPris. KlarPris brings together our customers’ procurement, and we want to support that. ”- Jeppe D. Johansen, Managing Director, Viessmann A/S.


About KlarPris Partner Program

The partner program is for wholesalers, direct suppliers and manufacturers, and offers a number of advantages when selling and promoting products on KlarPris. All partners have the opportunity to choose from a number of services, thereby tailoring a value-creating program for themselves. You can read more about the program for wholesalers and direct suppliers here, and for manufacturers here.