KlarPris hires new Head of Software Development


As of today, Morten Kristensen is the new Head of Software Development.

Former Head of Software Development will continue as CTO with global responsibility of KlarPris’ overall technical development.

The management expansion comes as a part of a strategical development currently taking place in KlarPris. This last year has been influenced by massive company growth and thus we have updated our expectations for 2019. Hence, new resources have been needed in order to accommodate for the 2019 expectations.


“As we grow and expand to more countries, it has been necessary for me to delegate some of my areas of responsibility in order to fully focus on the overall technical development of KlarPris on a global scale. Therefore, Morten Kristensen will manage the daily operation of KlarPris’ software,” says Morten Paarup, Founder and CTO.


Morten Kristensen has 33 years of experience working with software development, including 17 years with Microsoft technologies. His experience includes working for global companies such as F.L. Smidth and Maersk, but also startups. He will be a part of KlarPris management team and refer to Morten Paarup.

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