Online meetings are the new black!


We sat down with our customer Rasmus from Dalmose El-Service to hear how online meetings have been working for him.

The Corona crisis has changed our everyday life but in the midst of all these changes, something positive has happened. We talked to our customer Rasmus because he has used online meetings for the past 2 months. Here’s his experience:


1. Online meetings are something new in the construction industry. What did you do before?

“We used to have consultants out for face-to-face meetings. And if we needed to get in touch with them outside these specific meetings, it was through their support, and that doesn’t always work out so well. So in the case of KlarPris, we started a purchasing/system course, and it was supposed to be physical meetings, but then Corona came … So Jens from KlarPris called us, and we agreed to take the meetings online. “


2. How has that worked for you?

“It’s been great! It’s time-saving because we don’t have to prepare for the meeting by setting a table and so on, and our employees don’t have to be together in one place for us to have the meetings. And then there’s no transport time. You just turn on the computer, press “start meeting” and then you are good to go.”


3. What platforms do you use for online meetings?

“We’ve tried Zoom but it doesn’t quite work. We’re more into Microsoft Teams. It’s really intuitive, and you already have it if you use Microsoft.”


4. Was it easy to get started?

“Absolutely! You just click on the link in the meeting invitation, then you’re in the meeting. I’m really glad we’ve started using it, it makes the calender more flexible and it’s easier to schedule meetings because all attendees don’t have to be the same place.”


5. Will you use it after the Corona crisis?

“Yes, I can guarantee that. It works perfectly, gives takes less time and gives flexibility to the employees. It’s a win/win!