Alumeco: “The partnership can help simplify the customer’s purchasing process”


The desire for data

Insight into customers’ purchasing habits and buying behavior is high on the wish list for most companies. However, it requires a huge amount of data, and a software to analyze and compile data in a user-friendly way. After thorough market research, the aluminum supplier Alumeco has chosen to start a partnership with KlarPris, who has developed a software that provides insight into customer data in a clear and user-friendly way.

The software and its Business Intelligence give Alumeco insight into which of their products customers buy from wholesalers, how purchasing trends vary geographically, and how their market share develops – both overall and per product category*.

* Insights are anonymized and comply with all applicable GDPR rules.


A good experience for the customers

At the same time, the partnership will simplify the purchasing process for customers, and for Alumeco that was an important factor in the decision to start the partnership.

“We are pleased to be a new supplier at KlarPris, and we expect the partnership will contribute to simplifying the purchasing process for customers. We hope that the partnership will develop into a long-term relationship that provides benefits for everyone! ” – Rasmus Rosenlund Thomsen, E-Commerce Manager at Alumeco.


About Alumeco

Alumeco supplies aluminum and red metal solutions to the metal-consuming industry. As a global supplier and partner, the company has an international reach and a number of subsidiaries in Europe, North America and China. Alumeco also has one of Northern Europe’s largest aluminum and red metal stocks and its own coil center which enables them to comply with customers’ wishes and market developments, and thus guarantee the best possible service. Read more about Alumeco here.