Kloakgods.dk is now selling products via KlarPris


Our Danish customers can now buy products from Kloakgods.dk via KlarPris!

Kloakgods.dk offers a wide range of quality products at low prices. Their product range covers sewerage, drainage, wastewater treatment, rainwater management, drainage pipes, and various cast iron goods. The company can also procure special items if customers need something specific. Read more about kloakgods.dk here.


“Kloakgods.dk has a wide range of products within sewers, rainwater, sinks, seepage in the open country, etc., and of course we want to make it easy for the installers to buy the quality products we sell. That is why the partnership with KlarPris makes a lot of good sense to us ”- Martin Hindsberg, Director of Kloakgods.dk.


About KlarPris Partner Program

The partner program is for wholesalers, direct suppliers and manufacturers, and offers a number of advantages when selling and promoting products on KlarPris. All partners have the opportunity to choose from a number of services, thereby tailoring a value-creating program for themselves. You can read more about the program for wholesalers and direct suppliers here, and for manufacturers here.