Adelis buys KlarPris and puts a turbo on digitalizing the construction industry’ procurement


Adelis Equity Partners has bought the purchasing system KlarPris. The new ownership will take KlarPris to the next level, and enable the company to serve all players in the Danish construction industry to an even greater extent than before.

With more than 2300 – primarily electricity and plumbing companies – using the system on a daily basis, KlarPris is the largest and most widespread purchasing system in the Danish installation industry. KlarPris is a digital purchasing tool that helps installers get an overview of their material purchases and the related administrative processes. In addition to saving time and money on the purchase, the system includes a number of analysis tools that optimize the installers’ business.

With the new ownership, KlarPris gets a boost of competencies, know-how and resources which will grow the company and help meet the growing demand from the industry’s major players. In addition, it will further accelerate the international expansion which already includes Sweden and Germany.

“KlarPris is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized installers but in recent years the large installation companies have also shown interest in our purchasing system. With Adelis behind us we can accelerate the expansion of the system, and thus get a step closer to our ambition of becoming the leading purchasing system for all players in the construction industry” says KlarPris’ CEO and founder Jens Davidsen.

KlarPris’ mission will remain to “make purchasing easy for everyone”. Therefore, extra resources will be invested in developing a number of strategic and analytical functions that provide value for the service fitter and the management of the installation companies, as well as for wholesalers and manufacturers. An important part of the development will also be to expand and establish new integrations with IT systems that want to offer a 360-degree professional purchasing tool to their customers.

“The construction industry has really put a turbo on digitalization, and an important part of this is to lift all aspects of procurement – both the practical and the strategic part. That is why it has been important for us to include a purchasing tool in the portfolio, and KlarPris is without a doubt Best in Class. In just a few years, KlarPris has managed to radically change the purchasing structure in the industry; they have made complex processes easy, created clarity in the industry, changed the installer’s purchasing behavior and increased the efficiency, ”says Adelis investment partner Joel Russ.

With the ownership, KlarPris becomes a part of the Nordic region’s largest association of IT companies catering to the construction industry. This creates a number of opportunities and synergies on the international stage, especially in Sweden where Adelis owns the administration tool Hantverksdata. KlarPris will remain an independent entity, maintaining the current organization and setup.


More information:

Jens Davidsen, founder of KlarPris: +45 40 78 04 73

Joel Russ, Investment Partner at Adelis: +46 73-543 30 68


About KlarPris A / S

KlarPris is headquartered in Copenhagen and employs 12 people. With 5,000 users in more than 2300 companies, KlarPris A/S is the market leader in Denmark.


About Adelis Equity Partners

Adelis is an active partner in creating value for medium-sized Nordic companies. Adelis was founded with the goal of becoming the leading Nordic private equity fund in the market for medium-sized companies. Adelis was founded in 2013 and has since been one of the most active investors in the market for medium-sized companies in the Nordic region with 23 platform investments and more than 80 acquisitions for these. Adelis has approx. EUR 1 billion under management. For more information, please visit