The new KlarPris is here!



We have spent the last few months improving KlarPris, and it is with great pride that we can announce that the new and improved version is ready for use on the Danish market. With this new version, we are moving from being a price comparison tool to a webshop which also means that a bunch of new and exciting features will be launching during 2018 and 2019!


Below you can read about some of the new features:


Purchase your products faster than ever with the new purchasing algorithm

With the new purchasing algorithm in KlarPris, you can choose whether you want to make “the best purchase”, the cheapest purchase” or make buy all your products from “one supplier only”. The feature “best purchase” takes your shipping costs into account when optimizing your procurement, while “one supplier only” shows you which supplier is most competitive on the entire order.


Get an overview of alternative products

The overview of better and/or cheaper alternatives to the ones you have chosen has been improved. Every time you see an orange button, there is an alternative. SImply click the button and the overview appears with all the details you need.


You get a search engine based on your purchasing preferences

Going forward, you can find the right products even faster. Based on big data and your purchasing preferences, KlarPris’ search engine will suggest the most relevant products for you the second you start typing.


Note: The new version of KlarPris is currently only available in Denmark and Sweden.