Jens A. and KlarPris expands the partnership!


Jens A. is an experienced wholesaler with a full range of electrical products catering to the electrical installers and the professional market. The company is particularly strong in automation products, lighting and other equipment for the electrical installation industry.

The product range includes well-known branded products as well as the company’s own competitive niche agencies, all of which are supported by personal product knowledge and high technical know-how. Jens A. is physically located with its own warehouses and offices in Aalborg and Slagelse, and has nationwide day-to-day distribution. Read more about Jens A. here.

Jens A. has worked with e-commerce for more than 30 years and offers its customers 24/7 access via their webshop and mobile app. These opportunities are now even more visible and accessible through the expanded partnership with KlarPris.


About KlarPris Partner Program

The partner program is for wholesalers, direct suppliers and manufacturers, and offers a number of advantages when selling and promoting products on KlarPris. All partners have the opportunity to choose from a number of services, thereby tailoring a value-creating program for themselves. You can read more about the program for wholesalers and direct suppliers here, and for manufacturers here.